Past Dramatic Comedy:
Kentwood Players presents
Biloxi Blues

Biloxi Blues
by Neil Simon
Directed by Larry Jones
Produced by Jim Crawford
March 9 – April 14, 2007
Neil Simon’s poignant WWII comedy Biloxi Blues is equal parts nostalgia and hilarity as it details the hijinx 1943 raw recruits go through in the process of becoming fighting GI’s. Neil Simon is a legendary figure in American Theater. His plays have been performed worldwide and adapted for film and television, as well as being translated into the language of sitcoms and other foreign tongues, The Odd Couple most famously. Brighton Beach Memoirs, Biloxi Blues and Broadway Bound form a trilogy on early 20th Century American life, crafted out of Simon’s early years as kid, teenager and young adult.


Played by
Roy Selridge ············ Drew Fitzsimmons
Joseph Wykowski ············ Matthew Artson
Don Carney ············ DL Corrigan
Eugene Morris Jerome ············ Daniel Farber
Arnold Epstein ············ Bradley Jennings
Sgt. Merwin J. Toomey ············ Michael Allen
James Hennesey ············ Jerad Callen
Rowena ············ Lana Ford
Daisy Hannigan ············ Katrina Straub


Epstein (Bradley Jennings), Hennessey (Jerad Callen), Eugene Jerome (Daniel Farber)
Daisy (Katrina Straub) is surrounded by the men of Company C (l to r: Carney (DL Corrigan), Selridge (Drew Fitzsimmons),
Life in the Barracks: Sgt. Toomey (Michael Allen, standing) and the new recruits of Company C seated L: Carney (DL Corrigan), Selridge (Drew Fitzsimmons) seated R: Epstein (Bradley Jennings), Jerome (Daniel Farber) top bunk: Hennessey (Jerad Callen)
Love's in bloom when Daisy (Katrina Straub) meets Eugene (Daniel Farber)
Sgt. Toomey (Michael Allen) guides the new recruits through basic training


Westchester Playhouse
8301 Hindry Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
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