Past Drama/Comedy:
Kentwood Players presents
The Wake

The Wake
by Steve Allen
Directed by Sheldon Metz
Assistant Director Jennifer Fox

Produced by Calia Mintzer
January 12 – February 17, 2007
Steve Allen was a natural. His mother was the popular vaudevillian, Belle Montrose. As a boy he would usually wind up in Chicago, home of his mother’s Irish-Catholic, lower-middle-class family whose humor he described as “sarcastic, volatile, sometimes disparaging, but very funny.” – This semi-autobiographical drama based upon reminiscences of his early childhood, is a bittersweet familial “love story,” provoking memories of anyone from large or small families as it delves into the very soul of the family, filled with the warmth, humor, anguish, rage, resentments and love.


Played by
Josephine Scanlon ············ Valerie Ruel
Margaret Scanlon ············ Susie McCarthy
John O'Toole ············ Tim Forsyth
Tommy Monaghan ············ Jeffrey Culp
David Considine ············ Elliot Kang
Mike Scanlon ············ Ted Pitsis
Mary McCaffrey ············ Christy Lee Engels
Sarah McCaffrey ············ Barbara Haberman
Rose Scanlon O'Brien ············ Maria Pavone
Father Morrisey ············ Daniel Farber
Jack Scanlon ············ Joseph Buttler
Belle Scanlon Considine ············ Davina Turnbull
Nellie Riley ············ Jenny Boone
Frank Riley, Jr. (first 3 weeks) ············ Jonathan Retzack
Frank Riley, Jr. (last 3 weeks) ············ Christoper Retzack
Theresa Riley ············ Ritsa Gountoumas


at the Wake for the Scanlon Family Matriarch.
Brothers Mike (Ted Pitsis) and Jack (Joseph Buttler) toast to the good old days with their long-time friends John (Tim Forsyth) and Tommy (Jeffrey Culp)


Westchester Playhouse
8301 Hindry Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
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