Special Events

Sunday Reading Series

Westchester Playhouse will be hosting the following in our continuing Sunday Readings:

(There is no admission fee; donations will be accepted at the door)

“Dog Door”
by Grant Gottschall
Sunday, May 19, 2024 at 7:00pm

Directed by Grant Gottschall and Produced by Shari Barrett

Five seemingly random dogs find themselves in a room with only one way out. But the dog door is locked and they can't leave until they've bonded together as a Pack. Fortunately, a sixth dog, Stella, a former military K-9, is there to help. But when an uncontrollable and foul-smelling stray joins them, the group is thrown into chaos. Can these canines discover the one thing that unites them so they can leave together? It’s a funny, smart and ultimately moving play about radical acceptance and the power of telling your own story, reflecting on how canine behavior, needs, and emotions intersect with our own.

In addition to the six productions per year Kentwood Players present, the Westchester Playhouse is host to
"Special Events" produced by Kentwood Players or other groups.

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