Past Musical:
Kentwood Players presents

Book by James Goldman
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Directed by Ed Cotter
Musical Direction by Bill Wolfe

Choreographed by Victoria Miller

Produced by De Cotter
May 4 – June 16, 2007


Played by
Showgirl ············ Julia Aks
Young Christine, Showgirl, Ensemble ············ Laurel Andersen
Headwaiter, Ensemble ············ Peter Miller
Waiter Kevin, Ensemble ············ Matthew Artson
Waiter, Ensemble ············ Shawn K. Summerer
Sally Durant Plummer ············ Susan Goldman Weisbarth
Young Sally ············ Meredith M. Sweeney
Benjamin Stone ············ Don Schlossman
Phyllis Rogers Stone ············ Susie McCarthy
Young Phyllis ············ Melissa Strauss
Young Ben ············ Drew Fitzsimmons
Buddy Plummer ············ Ben Lupejkis
Young Buddy ············ Cory Pearce
Dimitri Weisman ············ Max Heldring Stormes
Roscoe ············ Rocky Miller
Max Deems ············ Russell Ham
Stella Deems ············ Patricia Butler
Hattie Walker ············ Calia Mintzer
Solange La Fitte ············ Victoria Miller
Young Solange, Folly “Sally,” Showgirl, Ensemble ············ Danielle Morris
Heidi Schiller ············ Jean Nix
Young Heidi, Young Carlotta, Folly “Margie,” Waitress, Ensemble ············ Traci LeBorde
Carlotta Campion ············ Robyn Rothstein
Emily Whitman ············ Sheridan Cole Crawford
Young Emily, Waitress Francesca, Ensemble ············ Cheryl R. Murphy
Theodore Whitman ············ Greg Abbott
Christine Donovan ············ Cory Andersen
Party Guest ············ Hal Fisher
Jeanne Spain


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