Past Drama:
Kentwood Players presents
Nicholas Nickleby

Nicholas Nickleby
Adapted by Gregory Blair
Directed by August Vivirito
Assistant Director T L Kolman

Produced by Christine Joëlle
November 10 – December 16, 2006
Young Nicholas and his family have enjoyed a comfortable, country life…until now. Suddenly, Nicholas’ father dies and the family is left penniless. Nicholas’ family travels to London to seek help from their Uncle, Ralph Nickleby, but Ralph’s only intentions are to exploit them. Join in the exciting adventure as Nicholas and his newfound friend Smike escape the cruel boarding school, become theatrical sensations, and uncover secret plots as Nicholas struggles to reunite his family and set the world right.


Played by
Madeline Bray, Schoolboy ············ Rosanna Butler
Ralph Nickleby ············ Skip Pipo
Newman Noggs ············ Raymond Lynch
Mrs. Nickleby ············ Margaret Schugt
Nicholas Nickleby ············ Max Dean
Kate Nickleby ············ Leslie Rivera
Wackford Squeers ············ Scot Renfro
Frank Cheeryble, Folair, John, Cobby ············ Matthew Johnson
Mr. Snawley, Lord Verisoft ············ Dave Narloch
Ned Cheeryble, Ollie, The Singer ············ Frank Kesby
Charles Cheeryble, Tim, Mobb, The Actor ············ Scotty Servis
Mrs. Crummles, Pub Wench ············ Vada Foster
Smike ············ Steve Hallum
Mrs. Squeers ············ Christine Joëlle
Fanny Squeers, Nina Crummles ············ Kelly Graham
Schoolboy ············ Justin Rozell
Lord Mulberry Hawk, Brooker ············ Nathaniel King
Mr. Crummles, Mr. Bray, Hawk’s Follower ············ Philip Apoian


Cast photo


Westchester Playhouse
8301 Hindry Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
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