Past Musical:
Kentwood Players presents
West Side Story

West Side Story
Book by Arthur Laurents
Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Music by Leonard Bernstein
Directed by Jeff Wallach
Musical Direction by Bill Wolfe

Choreographed by Victoria Miller

Produced by Richard Potthoff and Michelle Rosen
September 7 – October 20, 2001
The contemporary retelling of the Romeo and Juliet story set amid warring streetgangs in New York City. This clasic work of American musical theatre holds a powerful message for audiences worldwide.


Played by
Lt. Schrank ············ Gregory Daniels
Officer Krupke ············ Michael Clark
Riff ············ Harris Doran
Bernardo ············ Jonathan Scott
Big Deal ············ Ryan McCormick
A-rab ············ Bo Bigley
Action ············ Andrew David James
Snowboy ············ Christopher Isaacson
Baby John ············ Aaron Anthony Strange
Anybodys ············ Erika Whalen
Tony ············ Jonathan Nelson
Maria ············ Lynette Rathnam
Anita ············ Sarah M. Deavitt
Chino ············ Roy T. Okida
Glad Hand ············ Calia Mintzer
Pepe ············ Tito Canett
Consuela ············ Kelly Meyersfield
Rosalia ············ Maria Jacobs
Doc ············ Chris Roberts
Graziella ············ Brittany Bianchi
Velma ············ Jennifer Richardson
Indio ············ David Parke, Jr.
Francisca ············ Tracy Janel
Teresita/Soloist ············ Tatjana Boskin-Divovic
Margarita ············ Lucia Renteria
Clarice ············ Julie Rechsteiner
Pauline ············ Natalie Bizic
Minnie ············ Theresa Pitts


Jonathon Nelson (Tony) and Lynette Rathnam (Maria)
The Jets
Back: Ryan McCormack. (Big Deal) 3rd Row Left to Right: Bo Bigley (A-rab ), Chris Isaacson (Snow Boy) 2nd Row Left to Right: Harris Doran (Riff), Aaron Strange. (Baby John) Front: Andrew James (Action)
The Shark Girls
Left to Right: Lucia Renteria (Margarita), Tracy Janel (Francisca) Tatjana Boskin-Divovic (Teresita), Maria Jacobs (Rosalia). Front: Sarah Deavitt (Anita)


Westchester Playhouse
8301 Hindry Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
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