Past Farce:
Kentwood Players presents
The Ruling Class

The Ruling Class
by Peter Barnes
Directed by Jaz Davison
Choreographed by Victoria Miller

Produced by Carla Coppock and De Cotter
November 9 – December 15, 2001
The 13th Earl of Gurney has died. His only son and heir thinks he's God. The family want to mold him into the "manner born," and the results are shocking. Hilarious and horrifically irreverent look at the social class, religion and morality!


Played by
13th and 14th Earl of Gurney ············ Don Schlossman
Daniel Tucker ············ Dave Parke
Bishop Lampton ············ Max Heldring Stormes
Sir Charles Gurney ············ Jack Coppock
Dinsdale Gurney ············ Tom Breedlove
Lady Claire Gurney ············ Sheridan Cole
Matthew Peake, Kelso Truscott, and Detective Inspector Brockett ············ Donald Heath
Dr. Paul Herder ············ Rom Watson
Mrs. Treadwell ············ Toni Di Modica
Mrs. Piggot-Jones ············ Elizabeth Ash
Grace Shelley ············ Juliet Grainger
McKyle ············ Martin Berkowitz
McKyle's Assistant and Detective Sergeant Fraser ············ David Parke, Jr.


Westchester Playhouse
8301 Hindry Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
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