Past Drama:
Kentwood Players presents

by Patrick Hamilton
Directed by Max Heldring Stormes
Choreographed by Vicki Miller

Produced by De Cotter and Ed Cotter
July 13 – August 18, 2001
Two young men have committed the ultimate thrill crime, murdering a close friend. Now thy are throwing a dinner party, and among the gguests are the relatives fo their victim. Will they be founnd out, ane if so, how?


Played by
Brandon ············ Lon Strauss
Granillo ············ Tony Gallo
Sabot ············ Phillip Shin
Raglan ············ David Frederick Fogg
Leila ············ Catherine Rahm
Kentley ············ Jack Coppock
Debenham ············ Elizabeth Ash
Rupert ············ Gary Page

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