Past Musical:
Kentwood Players presents
Big Fish

Big Fish
Book by John August
Music and Lyrics by Andrew Lippa
Based on the novel by Daniel Wallace and the Columbia Motion Picture written by John August
Directed by Catherine Rahm
Musical Direction by Catherine Rahm

Choreographed by Alison Mattiza

Produced by Lori Marple-Pereslete
March 17 – April 22, 2017

Edward Bloom has lived a full and fantastical life, populated by witches, giants, and mermaids, marked by true love that stops time in its tracks, and framed by heroics that push the limits of believability. His adult son, Will, is no longer amused by his father’s fantastical tales, insisting on a rational rather than a fantastical account of one’s life. When Edward’s health declines, and Will learns that he and his wife, Josephine, will have a son of their own, Will decides to find out his father’s “true” life story, once and for all. Big Fish is a heartfelt, powerful, and truly magical musical about fathers, sons, and the stories that we use to define our identities. With spine-tinglingly beautiful music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa, and a funny, heartwarming book by John August, Big Fish is a magnificent “big fish” of a tale, itself—spectacular, fantastical, and overflowing with love.

Watch promotional video edited by Steffan Scrogan.



Played by
Edward Bloom ············ Jon Sparks
Sandra Bloom ············ Elizabeth A. Bouton
Will Bloom ············ Steffan Scrogan
Young Will/Will Jr. ············ Anderson Piller
Josephine Bloom ············ Lyndsay Marie Giraldi-Palmer
Karl the Giant ············ Dave B. Parke
Amos Calloway ············ Terry Delegeane
Don Price ············ Roy T. Okida
Witch ············ Shandar Robinson
Zacky Price ············ Samuel Goldman
Jenny Hill ············ Kim Peterson
Dr. Bennett ············ Jane Armstrong
Mermaid ············ Dominique Johnson
Mayor ············ Dana Mazarin
Fisherman ············ George Kondreck


Edward tells his son Will one of his many adventure-filled stories.
Edward first sees his future wife, Sandra.
Edward and his friends show young Will how to catch fish with the Alabama Stomp.
The witch and her helpers show Edward “How It Ends.”
Edward tells his daughter-in-law one of his stories, while his wife and son react.
Sandra and her friends audition to join Amos Calloway’s circus.
Edward brings his friend, Karl the Giant, to Amos Calloway’s circus.
Edward’s childhood nemesis, Don, confronts the witch.
Will and Josephine celebrate their happy news.
Photos by Shari Barrett


Westchester Playhouse
8301 Hindry Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
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