Past Comedy:
Kentwood Players presents
The Imaginary Invalid

The Imaginary Invalid
by Molière
Based on the translation by Charles Heron Wall
Directed by Susan Stangl
Produced by Sheridan Cole
January 13 – February 18, 2017

Molière's The Imaginary Invalid is an outrageous satire of medicine and its practitioners, sadly relevant even today, the wealthy Argan revels in poor health, relying on laxatives, suppositories, bloodlettings, and second and third opinions from the leading quacks. Although his daughter Angélique loves the impoverished Cléante, Argan wants to marry her to Thomas Diaforrhea, a medical dunce who can assure his father-in-law a lifetime of free health care. Aided by Argan's wily, back-talking servant Toinette, the young lovers contrive to meet despite the scheming of Béline, Argan's mercenary second wife. All is resolved (or is it?) when the clever Toinette and Argan's sage brother Béralde concoct a hilarious, elaborate plan to teach Argan where to place his trust.



Played by
Argan ············ Harold Dershimer
Toinette ············ Michele Selin
Angélique ············ Jenna Tovey
Béline ············ Lezlie Moore
Bonnefoi ············ Drew Fitzsimmons
Cléante ············ Beau Smith
Dr. Diafoirus ············ Mitch Feinstein
Thomas ············ Zachary Leonard
Louison ············ Sydney Holliday
Béralde ············ Daniel Kruger
Fleurant ············ Aaron Merken
Purgon ············ Drew Fitzsimmons


Cast: Beau Smith, Lezlie Moore, Michele Selin
Jenna Tovey, Harold Dershimer, Aaron Merken
Argan tells his daughter Angélique, “You will take the husband I choose for you or you will go into a convent!”
Argan warns Cléante, “You, sir, will never have my daughter!”
My darling!
Angélique knows her stepmother Béline is up to something.
Toinette warns Argan, “You will NOT force your daughter to marry a doctor!”
Angélique and Cléante are able to meet again at last.
Argan wonders if Fleurant’s potion will be expensive.
Time for your daily enema, Monsieur.
Argan gets his daily enema from Fleurant while Toinette waits with the bedpan.
I’m not looking in there!
In a pre-curtain speech Dr. Diafoirus, Thomas, and Purgon recommend Kentwood Players’ season tickets.
Angélique tells Toinette of the young man she has met.
Bonnefoi advises Argan how to evade inheritance law and leave his wealth to Béline.
Thomas recites a florid prepared speech to Angélique.
Cléante and Angélique profess their love in the guise of an improvised opera.
Dr. Diafoirus and Thomas cluelessly examine Argan.
Argan demands that Louison tell him about the young man she saw with Angélique.
Béralde tells Argan that he is one of the healthiest people he knows.
Under Béralde’s direction Argan himself is made a physician.
The cast of The Imaginary Invalid.
Photos by Shari Barrett


Westchester Playhouse
8301 Hindry Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
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