Past Comedy/Drama:
Kentwood Players presents
Hollywood Arms

Hollywood Arms. by Carrie Hamilton and Carol Burnett. Director Lewis Hauser. Choreographer Victoria Miller. Producer Susan Goldman Weisbarth. November 11 – December 17, 2011

Adapted from Carol Burnett’s memoir One More Time, this play is set in Hollywood, California in 1941 and 1951, and centers on the heartbreak and laughter shared by three generations of women living on welfare in a dingy apartment house. The cast of characters, based on Burnett and her real-life relatives, includes no-nonsense grandmother Nanny; Louise, a beautiful, alcoholic mother determined to be a writer for movie magazines; Jody, an absent father who is struggling with his own demons; and Helen, a young girl whose only escape is the rooftop of their rundown building where she creates her own magical world and dreams of a successful show business career.



Played by
Older Helen ············ Laurel Andersen
Young Helen ············ Francesca Farina
Nanny ············ Alice Lunsford
Louise ············ Cynthia Rothschild
Dixie ············ Valerie Ruel
Malcolm ············ Mason Bromberg
Bill ············ Joseph Roman
Jody ············ Samuel Huntington
Cop ············ Richard Little
Alice ············ Emma Hatton


Helen looks back on herself as a child and wishes she could be that innocent and trusting again.
(l to r: Laurel Andersen, Francesca Farina)
Dixie reminds Nanny her rent is due at the Hollywood Arms.
(l to r: Valerie Ruel, Alice Lunsford, Francesca Farina, Cynthia Rothschild)
Times may be tough but Nanny remains a kid at heart.
(l to r: Alice Lunsford, Francesca Farina, Mason Bromberg)
Helen loves her Dad, even though he is not around much.
(l to r: Francesca Farina, Sam Huntington)
Helen (Laurel Andersen) enjoys her first job as an usher at the local cinema,
dreaming of the day she will be up on the screen.
Nanny only wants the best for her granddaughter Helen.
Malcolm gets caught doing mischief by his mom, Dixie, owner of the Hollywood Arms.
Helen encourages her younger sister Alice to follow her dreams.
Laurel Andersen and Francesca Farina portray Helen.
Helen shares her dreams with her Dad while looking at the Hollywood sign from the roof of the Hollywood Arms.
Ten years after their last rooftop visit, Helen and her Dad gaze up at the Hollywood sign again,
but life is much different for them now.
After traveling by bus from Texas, Nanny (Alice Lunsford) and Helen (Francesca Farina) are greeted
by Louise (Cynthia Rothschild) when they finally arrive at the Hollywood Arms apartment building.
Everyone dreams of a better life while living day-to-day at the Hollywood Arms.
(l to r seated: Cynthia Rothschild, Joseph Roman l to r on roof: Mason Bromberg, Francesca Farina)
The Hollywood Arms cast. (Seated: Alice Lunsford. Standing l to r: Richard Little, Joseph Roman, Emma Hatton,
Cynthia Rothschild, Mason Bromberg, Samuel Huntington, Valerie Ruel, Francesca Farina, Laurel Andersen)
Hollywood Arms cast and crew. Click on this picture to see full-sized image. After clicking,
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Photos by Shari Barrett


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