Past Musical:
Kentwood Players presents

Music by Leonard Bernstein
Book adapted from Voltaire by Hugh Wheeler
Lyrics by Richard Wilbur
Directed by Catherine Rahm
Choreographed by Alison Mattiza

Produced by Lori Marple-Pereslete and Tony Pereslete
September 16 – October 22, 2011

Part sophisticated musical, part wacky screwball comedy with shades of Monty Python, this funny, irreverent satire is the perfect musical expression of Voltaire’s tongue-in-cheek send-up of optimistic philosophies. In a lightning-paced romp, Candide is expelled from home, drafted into the Bulgarian army, brought before the Spanish Inquisition, swindled out of a fortune, shipwrecked on a desert isle, and separated time and again from his true love Cunegonde, who bears with remarkable dignity a variety of carnal besmirchments by almost everybody. Through it all, Candide remembers the lesson of his dear master Dr. Pangloss: that “everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds.”



Played by
Candide ············ Jonas Sills
Frank Weidner
Cunegonde ············ Zoe Johnson
Francesca Sola
Voltaire/Pangloss/Governor ············ Ben Lupejkis
Rocky Miller
Old Lady ············ Patricia Butler
Susie McCarthy
Maximilian ············ Matthew Artson
Paquette ············ Cassandra Ristaino
Captain/Grand Inquisitor ············ Aaron Norman
Sheep/Agent ············ Brittney S. Wheeler
Gambler/Servant ············ Jacqueline Crist-Franzen
Lion/Don Isaachar ············ Roy T. Okida
Voltaire’s Helper/Sheep ············ Fiona Okida
Madame/Baroness ············ Rachael Meyers
Gambler/Baron ············ Harold Dershimer


Cunegonde and Candide plan their life together in “Oh, Happy We.”
(Zoe Johnson, Jonas Sills)
The Old Lady reminds Voltaire that she is important to this tale.
(Ben Lupejkis, Patricia Butler)
Dr. Pangloss teaches Candide and Cunegonde that this is the “Best of All Possible Worlds.”
(left to right: Rocky Miller, Frank Weidner, Francesca Sola)
Candide bravely attempts to ward off Pirates as he sails to the new world with Cunegonde
and the Old Lady. (left to right: Jonas Sills, Susie McCarthy, Zoe Johnson)
Although depressed at the tragic turn her life has taken, Cunegonde consoles herself
with the gems from her many admirers in “Glitter and Be Gay.” (Zoe Johnson)
Voltaire informs the Old Lady that she has entered the story prematurely.
(Rocky Miller, Susie McCarthy)
Cunegonde recovers from the tragic occurrences in her lifewith the help of expensive gifts
in “Glitter and Be Gay.” (Francesca Sola)
After many trials and near death experiences, Candide is reunited with his love, Cunegonde.
(Francesca Sola, Frank Weidner)
Voltaire explains to Candide that he must have faith in his master's teachings.
(Ben Lupejkis, Frank Weidner)
Candide attempts to protect the Old Lady and Cunegonde from a pirate attack.
(left to right: Frank Weidner, Patricia Butler, Francesca Sola)
Candide cast and crew. Click on this picture to see full-sized image. After clicking,
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Photos by Shari Barrett


Westchester Playhouse
8301 Hindry Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
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