Past Comedy:
Kentwood Players presents
I Remember Mama

I Remember Mama
by John Van Druton
Directed by Philip Brickey
Produced by Fatima Potthoff and Jeanne Spain
November 10 – December 16, 2000
First produced on Broadway in 1944, this popular, heartwarming story progressed from stage, to screen, to radio, and eventually to television. The story takes place in 1910 San Francisco where a multi-generational family faces life lead by Mama, with her “conventional” wit and wisdom. For the first time on our stage, we are proud to present this classic study of American family life to end our 2000 season.


Played by
Katrin ············ Jenny Martin
Mama ············ Margie Bates
Papa ············ Barry Morris
Christine ············ Kristin Wolven
Dagmar ············ Melanie Bratsch
Nels ············ Jonathan Sayres
Mr. Hyde ············ Tom Brophey
Aunt Trina ············ Mary Steelsmith
Aunt Sigrid ············ Susan Stangl
Aunt Jenny ············ Jeanne Spain
Uncle Chris ············ Dave Parke
Jessie ············ Elizabeth Ash
Mr. Thorkelson ············ Hal Fisher
Florence Dana Morehead ············ Calia Mintzer
Dr. Johnson/Soda Clerk/Bellboy ············ Ronald Coronado
Arne ············ Logan O'Brien
Madeline/Nurse #1 ············ Lauren Ciancimino
Dorothy/Nurse #2 ············ Layla Lyons


Top, Left to Right - Mr. Thorkelson (Hal Fisher), Florence (Calia Mintzer), Sigrid (Susan Stangl), Uncle Chris (Dave Parke), Nels (Jonathan Sayres), Mr. Hyde (Tom Brophey), Jessie (Kim Ash)
Middle, Left to Right - Katrin (Jenny Martin), Christine (Kristin Wolven)
Bottom, Left to Right - Trina (Mary Steelsmith), Papa (Barry Morris), Arne (Logan O'Brien), Dagmar (Melanie Bratsch), Mama (Margie Bates), Jenny (Jeanne Spain)
Photo by Shellee James


Westchester Playhouse
8301 Hindry Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
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