Past Comedy:
Kentwood Players presents
Moon Over Buffalo

Moon Over Buffalo
by Ken Ludwig
Directed by William Goldyn
Produced by Sheridan Cole and Barbara McMurray
September 8 – October 14, 2000
Join the cast and crew of this 1953 touring company in Buffalo, N.Y. as they await their big break - Frank Capra is looking for “unknowns” for his next film. The ambitious husband and wife team of George and Charlotte Hays seem the most likely choices but little things like his girlfriend, her mother, CYRANO DE BERGERAC, and Noel Coward seem to keep getting in their way. “Wildly funny” - ABC News. “... Good farcical confusion” - Vincnet Canby - The New York Times


Played by
George ············ Ray Fulmer
Charlotte ············ Toni La Monica
Ethel ············ Norma Northcott-Binmore
Roz ············ Aileen-Marie Scott
Howard ············ Brian Mulvey
Eileen ············ Catherine Rahm
Paul ············ Larry Jones
Richard ············ Chris Roberts


(TOP ROW LEFT TO RIGHT) Larry Jones (Paul), Chris Roberts (Richard), Norma Northcott-Binmore (Ethel), Ray Fulmer (George)
(BOTTOM ROW LEFT TO RIGHT) Aileen-Marie Scott (Roz), Toni LaMonica (Charlotte), Brian Mulvey (Howard), Catherine Rahm (Eileen)
FROM LEFT TO RIGHT) Ray Fulmer (George), Toni LaMonica (Charlotte) and Catherine Rahm (Eileen)


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Los Angeles, CA 90045
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