Past Comedy:
Kentwood Players presents
Four on a Garden

Four on a Garden
by Abe Burrows
Directed by Dorothy Thompson
Produced by Harvey Erlich
January 18 – February 23, 1980


Played by
First Mover, Angelo ············ Phil Hall
Second Mover, Sam ············ Ron Lesley
Beatrice ············ Calia Silvers Mintzer
Martin ············ Jim Oliphant
Jessica ············ Jill Beber
Real Estate Agent ············ David Schmitz
Bob ············ Phil Mason
Betty ············ Michelle Rosen
The Painter ············ Arthur Dorn
Joel ············ Bill Dorsett
Irene ············ Elizabeth Ash
TV Repairman ············ Bob Palmer
Maid ············ Jenny Ash
Charlotte ············ Dia Kay
Max ············ Sam Dickerman
Delivery Boy ············ Jeffrey W. Palmer

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