Past Mellodrama:
Kentwood Players presents
Kind Lady

Kind Lady
by Edward Chodorov
Directed by George André
Assistant Director Marilyn Brotz

Produced by Jack Coppock and Marilyn Brotz
November 12 – December 11, 1965


Played by
Mr. Foster ············ Jim Pinfold
Mary Herries ············ Eleanor Grudin
Lucy Weston ············ Martha McMillan
Rose ············ Dorothea Toepfer
Phyllis Glenning ············ Sandi Sorkin
Peter Santard ············ Phil Calhoun
Henry Abbott ············ Richard Warrick
Ada ············ Violette Rasnick
The Doctor ············ Mel Laird
Mr. Edwards ············ C. Clarke Bell
Mrs. Edwards ············ Dorothea Kavanagh
Aggie Edwards ············ Diana Ductor
Gustav Rosenberg ············ Rudi A. Toepfer


Westchester Playhouse
8301 Hindry Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
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