Past Romantic Drama:
Kentwood Players presents
Anne of the Thousand Days

Anne of the Thousand Days
by Maxwell Anderson
Directed by Jerry Silvers
Produced by Lee LaClair
March 20 – April 18, 1964


Played by
Anne Boleyn ············ Michelle Richards
Thomas Boleyn ············ Frank Pitt
Mary Boleyn ············ Dorris Reynolds
CardinaI Wolsey ············ George André
Servant ············ Lee LaCIair
Henry Norris ············ Jack Lyons
Mark Smeaton ············ David Addis
Henry VIII ············ Chris Roberts
Duke of Norfolk ············ Jim Pinfold
Lord Percy, Earl of Northumberland ············ David Palmer
Elizabeth Boleyn ············ Elsa Pierce
Jane Seymour ············ Lise Murphy
Sir Thomas More ············ C. Clarke Bell
Madge Shelton ············ Bonnie Greenberg
Thomas Cromwell ············ Derek Cadman
Bishop Fisher ············ John Beisner


Westchester Playhouse
8301 Hindry Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
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