Past Farce:
Kentwood Players presents
See How They Run

See How They Run
by Philip King
Directed by Chris Roberts
Produced by Gloria Rosen
August 5 – August 20, 1960
at the Continental Theater


Played by
Ida (a Maid) ············ Dorothea Kavanagh
Miss Skillon ············ Norma Northcott
The Reverend Lionel Toop ············ Bill Carleton
Penelope Toop (his wife) ············ Peggy Moore
Corporal Clive Winton ············ Chuck Reynolds
The Intruder ············ Burton Charles Sirlin
The Bishop of Lax ············ Robert N. Terry
The Reverend Arthur Humphrey ············ Leslie Blake
Sergeant Towers ············ Jack Watts

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