Past Drama:
Kentwood Players presents
Detective Story

Detective Story
by Sidney Kingsley
Directed by Jerry Silvers
Assistant Director Loyce J. Coolidge

Produced by Paul Northcott
June 1960
at the Continental Theater


Played by
Detective Dakis ············ Hal Fisher
Shoplifter ············ Michelle Richards
Detective Gallagher ············ Robert Waddell
Joe Feinson ············ lrv Rosen
Detective Callahan ············ Jon Christie
Detective Brody ············ Dave Mizrahi
Endicott Sims ············ Robert N. Terry
Detective McLeod ············ Bill Buhler
Arthur Kindred ············ Ronald Gast
1st Burglar (Chatlie) ············ David Addis
2nd Burglar (Lewis) ············ Marvin Mason
Mrs. Bagatelle ············ Vivian Wilson
Dr. Schneider ············ James Wilson
Lt. Monoghan ············ Jack Hickey
Susan Carmichael ············ Ellen Leddy
Miss Hatch ············ Betty Adams-Ortega
Mr. Pritchett ············ Edward Martin
Mary McLeod ············ Nancy Matlack
Tami Giacoppetti ············ Ralph Mizrahi

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