Past Mystery Thriller:
Kentwood Players presents
Dial “M” for Murder

Dial “M” for Murder
by Frederick Knott
Directed by George Kondreck
Produced by Kathy Dershimer
September 13 – October 19, 2019

Dial M for Murder has been remade four different times for television, but is perhaps best known as the classic film directed by Alfred Hitchcock starring Ray Milland and Grace Kelly. It remains one of the most suspenseful thrillers ever written, centering on Tony Wendice, an ex-tennis pro, who plots to murder his wife, Margot, because she had an affair, now over, but more importantly to get her money. To accomplish that goal, he blackmails an old school acquaintance to strangle her. When things go drastically wrong, Tony sees another way to guarantee her death and his wealth. Will he succeed or will his plot to murder Margot be foiled?

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Played by
Margot Wendice ············ Courtney Shaffer
Max Halliday ············ Jeremy Palmer
Tony Wendice ············ Justin Heller
Captain Lesgate ············ Ross G
Inspector Hubbard ············ Philip Bartolf
Thompson ············ Jack Maatita


Featured in the Kentwood Players production of Frederick Knott’s suspenseful thriller DIAL M FOR MURDER are (from left) Jeremy Palmer as Max, Courtney Schaffer as Margot and Justin Heller as Tony.
With much displeasure, Max observes the Wendices’ increasingly close relationship.
Three’s a crowd in Tony and Margot’s marriage.
Mr. and Mrs. Wendice during happier times.
Max and Margot toast to the way they hope things turn out for them.
A suspicious Tony asks his wife, “Who are you talking to, Darling?”
Margot attempts to explain her decision to a very disappointed Max.
Max objects to Margot’s decision about her future.
Could it be possible that Max and Tony agree on something?
Tony makes a fateful phone call in Dial M for Murder.
Photo credit: Shari Barrett & Gloria Plunkett


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