Past Musical:
Kentwood Players presents
Into The Woods

Into The Woods
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Book by James Lapine
Directed by Shawn K. Summerer
Musical Direction by Catherine Rahm

Choreographed by Alison Mattiza

Produced by Lori A. Marple-Pereslete and Tony Pereslete
November 14 – December 20, 2014
Into the Woods is tied together by an original story involving a childless baker and his wife and their quest to begin a family, their dealings with a Witch who has placed a curse on them, and their interaction with other storybook characters during their journey. Join Cinderella, Little Red Ridinghood, Rapunzel, Jack the Giant Slayer, and many other famous storybook characters as they each venture into the foreboding woods in search of magical items, love, money, or simply a purpose in life. This classic mash-up of Grimm’s fairy tales teaches all of us the true consequences of what it means to “get your wish.”
The original Broadway production won the 1988 New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award and the Drama Desk Award for Best Musical, and the original cast recording won a Grammy Award. The show was nominated for ten Tony Awards, and won three: Best Score (Stephen Sondheim), Best Book (James Lapine) and Best Actress in a Musical (Joanna Gleason).
Due to high demand for tickets, two performances have been added: Thursdays, December 11 and December 18.


Played by
Narrator/Mysterious Man ············ Ben Lupejkis
Cinderella ············ Heather Barnett
Jack ············ Brad Halvorsen
Jack's Mother ············ Patricia Butler
Milky White/Snow White ············ Brandie June
Baker ············ Terry Delegeane
Baker's Wife ············ Amy Coles
Cinderella's Stepmother ············ Kim Peterson
Florinda ············ Erika Brauer
Lucinda ············ Samantha Barrios
Birds/Sleeping Beauty ············ Jenna Bergman
Cinderella's Father ············ Harold Dershimer
Little Red Ridinghood ············ Carly Linehan
Witch ············ Elizabeth Bouton
Cinderella's Mother/Granny/Giant ············ Catherine Rahm
Wolf/Cinderella's Prince ············ Jon Sparks
Rapunzel ············ Alicia Reynolds
Rapunzel's Prince ············ Matthew Artson
Steward ············ Roy Okida


The Baker and his Wife give a basket of sweets to Little Red Ridinghood to take to her Granny. Photo by Shawn K. Summerer
Cinderella is being pursued by her Prince. Photo by Shawn K. Summerer
Cinderella and her Prince live happily ever after. Photo by Shawn K. Summerer
Cinderella comforts Little Red Ridinghood after she learns of the death of her Granny. Photo by Shawn K. Summerer
Jack fearfully leads his cow Milky-White into the woods. Photo by Shawn K. Summerer
Rapunzel lets down her hair to her Prince. Photo by Shawn K. Summerer
Little Red Ridinghood is easily influenced by the Wolf. Photo by Shawn K. Summerer
The Witch imposes her will upon the Baker and his Wife. Photo by Shawn K. Summerer
Cinderella, her Prince, the Baker and his Wife find out what it means to get your wish. Photo by Gypsy Foster.
The Witch casts a spell on Rapunzel. Photo by Gypsy Foster.
Cinderella takes her place on the royal throne. Photo by Gypsy Foster.
The Baker attempts to get Little Red Ridinghood's cape for the Witch. Photo by Gypsy Foster.
Cinderella and her Prince. Photo by Gypsy Foster.


Westchester Playhouse
8301 Hindry Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
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