Past Dark Comedy:
Kentwood Players presents
Sordid Lives

Sordid Lives
by Del Shores
Directed by Kirk Larson
Produced by Lori A. Marple-Pereslete and Virginia Mekkelson
July 11 – August 16, 2014
Sordid Lives premiered in Los Angeles on May 11, 1996 and ultimately won 14 DramaLogue Awards. The black comedy about white trash centers on a colorful family from a small Texas town who must come to grips with the accidental death of the elderly family matriarch during her clandestine meeting in a seedy motel room with a much younger, married neighbor. The woman’s family must deal with their own demons while preparing for what could be an embarrassing funeral. Adult language.


Played by
Bitsy Mae Harling ············ Susan Stangl
Ty Williamson ············ Michael Sandidge
Sissy Hickey ············ Catherine Rahm
Noleta Nethercott ············ Elizabeth A. Bouton
Latrelle Williamson ············ Alison Mattiza
La Vonda Dupree ············ Samantha Barrios
G.W. Nethercott ············ Harold Dershimer
Juanita Bartlett ············ Kip Hogan
Wardell “Bubba” Owens ············ Dave Parke
Odell Owens ············ Eduardo Mora
Dr. Eve Bolinger ············ Cherry Norris
Earl “Brother Boy” Ingram ············ Greg Abbott
Rev. Barnes ············ Eddie "Ed" O'Brien


The Cast of Sordid Lives
Sissy tries to keep the peace while La Vonda and Latrelle fight over their dead mother’s mink stole.
Noleta and LaVonda take their revenge on GW and Wardell.
Noleta and LaVonda go all Thelma and Louise.
Brother Boy undergoes dehomosexualization therapy with Dr. Eve.
Bitsy Mae serenades Ty.
Odell entertains Juanita with his string tricks.
Reverend Barnes gives a good ole Southern Baptist sermon.
The Cast of Sordid Lives
Latrelle’s version of the truth amuses Sissy and La Vonda.
Odell’s string tricks distract Juanita and G.W. from their troubles.
Noleta takes revenge on her cheating husband.
She who holds the rifle has all the power!
“This is the best floor show ever!”
Dr. Eve’s therapy session fails to get through to Brother Boy.
Photos by Shari Barrett


Westchester Playhouse
8301 Hindry Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
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