Past Musical:
Kentwood Players presents
Fiddler on the Roof

Fiddler on the Roof
Book by Joseph Stein
Music by Jerry Bock
Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick
Based on Sholem Aleichem's stories by special permission of Arnold Perl
Directed by Harold Dershimer
Musical Direction by Catherine Rahm

Choreographed by Isabella Olivas

Produced by Rocky Miller and Victoria Miller
March 14 – April 19, 2014
Fiddler on the Roof is the heart-warming musical about the milkman Tevye and his family eking out a living in the Jewish community of Anatevka in Tsarist Russia. Tevye strives to keep up the traditions of his faith, race and culture against the backdrop of discrimination and prejudice in addition to the love, conflict and humor of finding husbands for his three eldest daughters. One of the most successful and long-running musicals of all time, Fiddler includes such favorites as “If I Were a Rich Man” “Matchmaker, Matchmaker” “Tradition” and “Sunrise Sunset.”


Played by
Tevye, the Dairyman ············ Bradley Miller
Golde, his Wife ············ Susie McCarthy
Tzeitel, his Daughter ············ Kelsey Nisbett
Hodel, his Daughter ············ Carly Linehan
Chava, his Daughter ············ Jessica D. Stone
Shprintze, his Daughter ············ Gabrielle Olivas
Bielke, his Daughter ············ Fiona Okida
Yente, the Matchmaker ············ Ria Parody Erlich
Motel, the Tailor ············ Nathan Fleischer
Perchik, the Student ············ Spencer Johnson
Lazar Wolf, the Butcher ············ Martin Feldman
Mordcha, the Innkeeper ············ Bruce Schroffel
Rabbi ············ John Russell
Mendel, his Son ············ Samuel Goldman
Avram, the Bookseller ············ Jason Bornstein
Nachum, the Begger ············ P J Waggaman
Grandma Tzeitel ············ Jennifer Richardson
Fruma-Sarah ············ Jennifer Sperry
Constable ············ Andy Kallok
Fyedka ············ Christopher Stefanic
Shaindel, Motel’s Mother ············ Judy Rosenfeld
The Fiddler ············ Paul Callender-Clewett
Yussel, the Hatter/ Bottle Dancer ············ James Olivas
Rifka ············ Patricia Miller
Mirala ············ Barbara Haberman
Priest ············ Bruce Starrett
Add’l Sons/ Russian Soldiers/ Bottle Dancers ············ Trevor Hart
Joseph Olivas
Michael Sandidge
Hollister Starrett
Yente’s Boys ············ Osi Holt
Ethan Schyman
Add’l Daughters ············ Kayla Atkinson
Kirsten Krieg


“Tradition” is how we must live our lives!
Tevye explains, “Without our traditions, life would be as shaky as a fiddler on the roof!”
Tzeitel worries about the kind of man Yente the matchmaker will bring.
Yente delivers news of a match for Golde’s eldest daughter.
Tevye wonders what his life would be like “If I Were a Rich Man.”
Golde insists that Tevye speak to Lazar Wolf.
Tevye, Golde and their five daughters.
Tevye’s family begins Sabbath with two special visitors.
Tevye and Lazar Wolf drink “L'Chaim” to life!
In a show of solidarity, Fyedka asks Tevye to join him in a Russian dance.
Tevye considers breaking tradition and allowing Motel to marry his daughter, Tzeitel.
Tzeitel and Motel are to be wed with Tevye’s blessing.
Perchik tells Hodel he must leave Anatevka.
Tevye asks Golde, “Do You Love Me?”

Golde reassures Tevye that after 25 years, she supposes she loves him.

Celebrating the Sabbath (from left): Carly Linehan, Spencer Johnson, Jessica D. Stone, Bradley Miller, Susie McCarthy, Gabrielle Olivas, Fiona Okida, Nathan Fleischer, Kelsey Nisbett


Westchester Playhouse
8301 Hindry Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
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