Past Special Comedy:
Kentwood Players presents
All in the Stars

All in the Stars
by Mark Billen
Directed by Drew Fitzsimmons and Melodie S. Rivers
Produced by Bruce Starrett
June 1, 8 and 15 at 11 am and 2 pm
The party starts tomorrow in All in the Stars but King Confort’s birthday celebration is missing one vital part: someone to execute! If only someone would say or do something even the slightest bit impolite, tradition could be upheld. The bumbling astrologer Canard and conniving sisters Princess Vinaigre and Princess Jalousie do their best to press the issue while King Confort must contend with foreign ambassador Baron Bain-Marie, and King Confort’s newly betrothed fiancée Princess Sucrée, who hasn’t even been told she’s getting married! Is Paysanne, a foreign trader, the prime candidate for execution? Will the King, Astrologer and Foreign Trader perish within the hour?! Chaos ensues and events unfold in a way that surprises everyone in this fast-paced comedy of errors.

Featured in the cast are Taijonna Boone, Kenjo Cable, Tyler Cable, Melana Dix, Riley Dix, Trevor Hart, Logan Hannig, Lucas Hannig, Kalani Hildebrand, Osi Holt, Stephanie Hotz, Savannah Keown, Kobe Kubes, Caroline Macou, Anthony Olivas, Avalon Silver, Hollister Starrett, Miller Vaughn, Rolin Weber, Caitlin Welsh, Isabella Welsh, Ja’von Willis, Hana Woolley, and Emilia Zielinski.

Tickets are $10 with a special family four-pack of seats for $35. Please call (310) 645-5156 for reservations Wednesday through Saturday from 4-7 PM. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express accepted. Special needs seating is available in the front row and should be arranged with the box office at the time of ticket purchase.


Astuce (Logan Hannig - right) and Trompeur (Savannah Keown - left) advise King Confort (Osric Holt - center) regarding their search for a suitable citizen to execute.
Photo by Melodie S. Rivers
King Confort (Osric Holt - right) assures his astrologer Canard (Trevor Hart - left) that Canard will be honored to follow King Confort to his grave.
Photo by Pamela Rector
Traveling salesman Paysanne (Anthony Olivas - left) and Princess Sucreé (Caroline Macou - right) have fallen in love! But how can a salesman hope to marry a princess?
Photo by Pamela Rector
Princess Vinaigre (Isabela Welsh - left) and Princess Jalousie (Caitlin Welsh - right) plan to share the reign...if possible.
Photo by Pamela Rector
Paysanne (Anthony Olivas - left) dreams of fame and fortune while his partner, Carrotte (Lucas Hannig - right) dreams of rest and a full belly.
Photo by Pamela Rector
Princess Sucreé (Caroline Macou - left) and Velouté (Kalani Hildebrand - right) spy on handsome salesman Paysanne in the marketplace.
Photo by Pamela Rector
From left: Logan R Hannig, Osric Holt, Savannah Keown
From left: Trevor Hart, Osric Holt
From left: Caroline Macou, Ja'von Willis, Kalani Hildebrand
From left: Anthony Olivas, Ja'von Willis, Stephanie Hotz, Caroline Macou, Kalani Hildebrand
From left: Kenjo Cable, Rolin Weber, Osric Holt, Hollister Starrett, Anthony Olivas,
Lucas N. Hannig, Trevor Hart, Isabela Welsh (holding Cosette Nozzi), Caitlin Welsh (holding Jazzie Nozzi)
Paysanne (Anthony Olivas) is a hit with the ladies at court (from left) Melana Dix, Tyler Cable, Emilia Zielinski, TaiJonna Boone, HanaLina Woolley, Avalon Silver, and The Chaperone, Miller Vaughn.
Canard, King Confort and the Ladies in Waiting do their best to keep Paysanne from leaving the castle.
From left: Anthony Olivas, Caroline Macou

From left: Trevor Hart, Rolin Weber, Hollister Starrett, Caitlin Welsh, Osric Holt,
Isabela Welsh, Anthony Olivas, Kalani Hildebrand, Caroline Macou, Ja'von Willis

The cast of ALL IN THE STARS
Photos by Shari Barrett except as noted


Westchester Playhouse
8301 Hindry Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
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