Past Special Musical Melodrama:
Kentwood Players presents
Rockin’ Robin Hood

Rockin’ Robin Hood
by Scott Martin
Directed by Samantha Barrios
Musical Direction by Martin Feldman

Produced by Drew Fitzsimmons and Melodie S. Rivers
Oct 6, 13 & 20, 2012 at 11 am and 2 pm
Sideburns and ducktails invade Sherwood Forest as Robin Hood, his Merry Men, and the Sheriff of Nottingham, along with lots of assorted peasants and courtiers, meet the music of Elvis Presley. This musical melodrama promises to keep you cheering for the heroes and booing the villains as they sing song parodies from the 1950’s in their own Rockin’ Robin Hood style.

Featured in the cast of Kentwood Kids ages 6-16 are Liam Baker, Melissa Cruz, Donovan Guiga, Logan Hannig, Lucas Hannig, Sarah V. Harnden, Dillon Hensel, Kalani Hildebrand, Osric Holt, Stephanie Hotz, Xander Karafin, Savannah Keown, Caroline Macou, Joe Olivas, Anthony Olivas, Gianna Pira, Grace Rector, Zoie Rivera, Claire Schaaf, Ethan Schyman, Kira Sherman, Hollister Starrett, Izzy Sumrall, Miller Vaughn, Skylar Washington, Rolin Weber, Parker Weldon, Isabela Welsh, Caitlin Welsh, and Javon Willis.

Tickets are $10.00 with a special family four-pack of seats for $35.00. Please call (310) 645-5156 for reservations Tuesday through Saturday from 4-7 PM. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express accepted. Special needs seating is available in the front row and should be arranged with the box office at the time of ticket purchase.

All audience members are invited to meet the cast in the theater lobby after the performance. Parents are welcome to bring a camera for photo opportunities during the after performance reception only.


Marian (Grace Rector) and Robin (Dillon Hensel) are engaged at last.

With voices like velvet, who can resist the charms of Robin Hood and his Merry Men?
(from left: Javon Willis, Dillon Hensel, Logan Hannig, Joseph Olivas;
Peasants: Stephanie Hotz, Savannah Keown, Melissa Cruz, Gianna Pira, Sarah V. Harnden, Caroline Macou)

Robin and his Merry Men plot their next adventure - Dominos or Papa Johns?
(from left: Joseph Olivas, Dillon Hensel, Logan Hannig, Javon Willis)
Prince John has his hands full managing Maid Marian, Lucilla, the Sheriff of Nottingham,
and his bumbling thugs, Cudgle and Bodkin. (Photo by Drew Fitzsimmons)
(from left: Miller Vaughn, Lucas Hannig, Anthony Olivas, Rolin Weber, Grace Rector, Parker Weldon)
Victoria (Kalani Hildebrand) and Robin (Dillon Hensel) face off to see
who will be the better Champion of the Poor and Defender of Justice.
Maid Marian (Grace Rector) is devising a plan to avoid the Sheriff of Nottingham. (Photo by Melodie Rivers)
OMG!!! OMG!!! He touched my hand!! He touched my hand!! They're soooo cute!!
(from left: Logan Hannig, Zoie Rivera, Stephanie Hotz, Savannah Keown,
Caroline Macou, Sarah V. Harnden, Melissa Cruz, Claire Schaaf)
“Prince John would make a good, kind, decent king,” ~Prince John (Rolin Weber)
Maid Marian (Grace Rector) and Lucilla (Parker Weldon) conspire to woo the Merry Men (Photo by Melodie Rivers)
The Sinister Sheriff of Nottingham didn't plan on the fierce moves of Victoria and the Sherwoodelles.
(from left: Caitlin Welsh, Miller Vaughn, Kalani Hildebrand, Anthony Olivas, Lucas Hannig, Isabella Welsh)
Boys will be boys! With Will Scarlett and Little John egging him on, Robin pulls a prank on Friar Tuck.
(from left: Dillon Hensel, Javon Willis, Joe Olivas, Logan Hannig)
The Merry Men on a break after taking from the rich…..oh yeah, and giving to the poor.
(from left: Javon Willis, Logan Hannig, Dillon Hensel, Joseph Olivas)
Robin Hood (Dillon Hensel) checks out the action in Sherwood Forest. (Photo by Pam Rector)

Robin Hood and his Merry Men sing a little ditty for the local peasant girls. (Photo by Pam Rector)
(from left: Zoie Rivera, Claire Schaaf, Logan Hannig, Javon Willis, Dillon Hensel, Joseph Olivas)

Prince John (Rolin Weber) sends the Sheriff of Nottingham (Anthony Olivas)
and his two goons (Lucas Hannig, Miller Vaughn) to get Robin Hood. (Photo by Pam Rector)
Maid Marian (Grace Rector) confides to her friends (Parker Weldon, Skylar Washington) about her love for Robin Hood.
(Photo by Pam Rector)
Maid Marian (Grace Rector) and Robin (Dillon Hensel) celebrate their engagement. (Photo by Pam Rector)
(Courtiers from left: Zoie Rivera, Gianna Pira, Caroline Macou, Savannah Keown, Sarah V. Harnden, Melissa Cruz)
Maid Marian (Grace Rector) seeks the aid of Lady Victoria (Kalani Hildebrand) and the Sherwoodelles. (Photo by Pam Rector)
(from left: Kira Sherman, Caitlin Welsh, Caroline Macou and Isabella Welsh)
The Sherriff of Nottingham (Anthony Olivas) taunts the captive Robin Hood (Dillon Hensel). (Photo by Pam Rector)
The return of King Richard (Osric Holt) heralds the end of Prince John's (Rolin Weber) maniacal reign. (Photo by Pam Rector)
(also featured from left: Javon Willis, Ethan Schyman, Miller Vaughn, Grace Rector, Joseph Olivas, Gianna Pira, Skylar Washington, Caitlin Welsh, Caroline Macou, Parker Weldon, Kalani Hildebrand, Hollister Starrett and Lucas Hannig)
Photos by Samantha Barrios (except as noted)


Westchester Playhouse
8301 Hindry Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
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