Past Special Musical:
Kentwood Players presents
A Grimm Night for Hans Christian Andersen

A Grimm Night for Hans Christian Andersen
by Sue Gordon
Directed by Drew Fitzsimmons and Melodie S. Rivers
Produced by Drew Fitzsimmons and Melodie S. Rivers
Oct 8, 15 & 22, 2011

This hilarious musical exposes what happens when Hans Christian Andersen gets an unexpected visit from the Brothers Grimm who seem upset over the matter of stealing story lines. A competition ensues, with characters from Andersen and Grimm stories taking the stage - in remarkably unexpected ways! Presented by arrangement with Lazy Bee Scripts.


The Brothers Grimm pay a visit to Hans Christian Andersen.
(from left: Lucas Hannig, Mason Bromberg, Logan Hannig)
Hans Christian Andersen finds himself stuck between a pair of wise-guy Grimm Brothers and their biggest fan,
his own housekeeper. (from left: Logan Hannig, Lucas Hannig, Mason Bromberg, Casey Gabriel)
Fairytale characters protest Hans Christian Andersen and The Grimm Brothers’ “nonsensical” and “hazardous” plot lines. Rumors of “cut-backs” only fuel the angry mob. (from left: Casey Gabriel, Melissa Cruz, Elizabeth Cruz, Kalani Hildebrand, Mason Bromberg, Logan Hannig, Samantha Cruz, Lucas Hannig, Grace Rector, Emilia Zielinski)
Photos by Liz Reinhardt.


Westchester Playhouse
8301 Hindry Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
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