Past Musical:
Kentwood Players presents

Book by Nina Faso and Stephen Schwartz
Lyrics by Craig Carnelia, James Taylor, Micki Grant, Stephen Schwartz and Susan Birkenhead
Music by Craig Carnelia, James Taylor, Mary Rodgers, Micki Grant and Stephen Schwartz
Based on Working by Studs Terkel
Directed by Catherine Rahm
Choreographed by Vicki Kirk

Produced by Lori Marple-Pereslete
March 13 – April 18, 2009
Everybody has a job. But do our jobs define us, or do we define our jobs? Acclaimed author Studs Terkel wanted to know, and so he interviewed hundreds of ordinary Americans for his groundbreaking book Working. Multiple composers give music to the stories of their lives, which like ours are sometimes funny and sometimes sad. But from the Monday morning blues to the second shift blahs, their stories will touch you in a way that only the truth can.


Played by
Cleaning Woman, Socialite, Housewife, Restaurant Patron ············ LeVanna Atkinson-Williams
Waitress, Office Worker, Car Park Cutie, Housewife ············ Patricia Butler
Farm Worker, Entrepreneur, Office Worker, Trucker, Father ············ Jerry Cordova
Project Manager, Housewife, Restaurant Patron, Cleaning Woman ············ Trenekia Danielle
Mason, Fireman, Farmworker, Millworker, Father ············ Harold Dershimer
Newsboy ············ Emma Hatton
Retiree, Money Manager, Restaurant Patron, Father ············ Alan Levine
Car Parker, Copyboy, Trucker, Father ············ Ben Lupejkis
Housewife, Operator, Checker, Cleaning Woman ············ Alison Mattiza
Father, UPS Man, Millworker, Office Worker, Restaurant Patron ············ Peter Miller
Trucker, Ironworker, Farmworker, Father ············ Trevor Murphy
Checker, Phone Sales, Car Park Cutie, Mud Flap Mama ············ Cassandra Ristaino
Millworker, Receptionist, Car Park Cutie, Checker, Mud Flap Mama ············ Abby Martin Stein
Teacher, Hooker, Maitre'D, Housewife, Cleaning Woman ············ Julie Urbanek


Abby Martin Stein, Cassandra Ristaino, Jerry Cordova
LeVanna Atkinson-Williams, Ben Lupejkis, Trenekia Danielle, Alan Levine
The cast of "Working" ask "Hey Somebody, Do You Want to Hear the Story of My Life?"
Front (L to R): Emma Hatton, Harold Dershimer, Patricia Butler, Trevor Murphy, Back (L to R): Alison Mattiza, Peter Miller, Julie Urbanek,


Westchester Playhouse
8301 Hindry Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
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