Past Melodrama:
Kentwood Players presents
Dial “M” for Murder

Dial “M” for Murder
by Frederick Knott
Directed by Philip Brickey
Produced by Margie Bates
September 12 – October 18, 2003
In this classic thriller, a husband plots the murder of his wife, whom he married for her money. But he has to improvise when the plan goes awry. It all goes to prove that there is no such thing as a perfect crime.


Played by
Margot Wendice ············ Aileen-Marie Scott
Max Halliday ············ David Perez
Tony Wendice ············ James Knudsen
Captain Lesgate ············ Joe Spinoza
Detective Inspector Hubbard ············ Wynn Rowell
Thompson, offstage voices ············ Andrew Fitzsimmons


The final scene
Hubbard, Tony & Margot
Margot and Lesgate
Officer Thompson & Hubbard
Tony and Lesgate

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