Past Mystery:
Kentwood Players presents
Ten Little Indians

Ten Little Indians
by Agatha Christie
Directed by Max Heldring Stormes
Produced by Arlene Cohen and Lee Polak
May 5 – June 10, 2000
One of the most famous Agatha Christie edge-of-your-seat murder mysteries! Ten Little Indians is gruesome and comical, full of clues, excitement, suspicions and terror! For all to enjoy!


Played by
Rogers ············ Dave Parke
Mrs. Rogers ············ Mary Steelsmith
Fred Narracott ············ Sheldon Cohen
Vera Claythorne ············ Catherine Rahm
Philip Lombard ············ Dan Forrest
Anthony Marston ············ David Frederick Fogg
William Blore ············ Andy Kallok
General MacKenzie ············ Michael Cohen
Emily Brent ············ Elizabeth Ash
Sir Lawrence Wargrave ············ Chris Roberts
Dr. Armstrong ············ Phil Massi


Westchester Playhouse
8301 Hindry Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
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