Past Drama:
Kentwood Players presents
Mister Roberts

Mister Roberts
by Thomas Heggen & Joshua Logan
Directed by Jack Stauffer
Produced by Vicki Miller and Rocky Miller
July 12 – August 17, 1996


Played by
Dowdy ············ Tom Reusing
Lieutenant (JG) Roberts ············ Ron Graham
Doc ············ Jack Weintraub
The Captain ············ Lewis Hauser
Insignia ············ Gary Agostino
Mannion ············ Terry Scott Nemeroff
Lindstrom ············ William H. Kempenich
Stefanowski ············ Jean-Luc Martin
Wiley ············ David A. Kozen
Gerhart ············ Edward C. Bangasser
Payne ············ Stephen Jones
Ensign Pulver ············ Ric Barbera
Dolan ············ Peter Hill
Lieutenant Ann Girard ············ Julia Leigh Miller
Shore Patrolman (Understudy All) ············ Lou Dailey
Military Policeman ············ Mark Martsolf
Drew Stauffer


Westchester Playhouse
8301 Hindry Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
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