Past Drama:
Kentwood Players presents
The Miracle Worker

The Miracle Worker
by William Gibson
Directed by Charles Briles
Produced by Jack Lyons
September 13 – October 19, 1974


Played by
Dr. Hughes ············ Justin Tyme
Kate Keller ············ Sheridan Cole
Captain Keller ············ Austin Rheingold
Helen Keller ············ Tiffany Dee
Martha ············ Denice DeVeaux
Percy ············ Mark Cole
Aunt Ev ············ Toni Berg
James Keller ············ Dennis Floyd
Mr. Anagnos ············ Mel Oshins
Annie Sullivan ············ Gabrielle de Cuir
Viney ············ Tina Jolly
Blind Girl ············ Becky Baxter
Deborah Doylon
Lesley Leighton
Deena Oshins
Rene Tash
Melody Van Ness


Westchester Playhouse
8301 Hindry Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
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