Past Musical:
Kentwood Players presents
Man of La Mancha

Man of La Mancha
by Written by Dale Wasserman
Music by Mitch Leigh
Lyrics by Joe Darion
Directed by Doris Brown
Choreographed by Eddie Gay and Miriam Amster

Produced by Pat Gunter
July 16 – August 28, 1971


Played by
Don Quixote (Cervantes) ············ Robert M. Purcell
Aldonza ············ Jeanine Altobelli
Sancho ············ Murray Weissfeld
Innkeeper (Governor) ············ Tom Proctor
Dr. Carrasco (Duke) ············ Tom Murray
Padre ············ Richard W. Nagle
Barber (Moor) ············ Mel Oshins
Antonia ············ Mindy Middough
Housekeeper ············ Norma Northcott
Pedro (Head Muletter) ············ Bill Buhler
Anselmo (Muleteer, Moor) ············ Max DeMarco
Tenorio (Muleteer) ············ Peter David
Juan (Muleteer) ············ John Ormington
Paco (Muleteer) ············ Greg Corey
Jose (Muleteer) ············ Max Heldring Stormes
Maria ············ Daphne Cohen
Fermina (Servant) ············ Carol Follingstad
Moorish Dancer ············ Laurel Barnett
Captain of the Inquisition ············ C. Clarke Bell
Guitarist ············ Jim Linscott
Horse ············ Dee Turquand
Mule ············ Marlene Bega
Guard ············ John Beisner


Westchester Playhouse
8301 Hindry Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
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