Past Comedy:
Kentwood Players presents
Room Service

Room Service
by John Murray and Allen Boretz
Directed by George André
Produced by Lee LaClair
October 30 – November 28, 1964


Played by
Sasha ············ C. Clarke Bell
Gordon MiIler ············ Mel Oshins
Joseph Gribble ············ Myron Cole
Harry Binion ············ Karl Thomas
Faker Englund ············ John Beisner
Christine Marlowe ············ Marjorie Hodges
Leo Davis ············ Don Gordon
Hilda Manney ············ Carol Cooper
Gregory Wagner ············ Harry Pierce
Simon Jenkins ············ Jim Pinfold
Timothy Hogarth ············ Jim Habif
Dr. Glass ············ Frank Pitt
Senator Blake ············ Farnol Francis

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