Past Drama:
Kentwood Players presents
The Dark at the Top of the Stairs

The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
by William Inge
Directed by Jerry Silvers
Produced by Derek Cadman
September 21 – October 13, 1962


Played by
Cora Flood, a young housewife ············ Corrine Williams
Rubin Flood, her husband ············ Dave Mizrahi
Sonny Flood, the ten year old son ············ Michael Mizrahi
Reenie Flood, the sixteen year old daughter ············ Elyse Silvers
Flirt Conroy, a flapper friend of Reenie ············ Aloyce Ray
Morris Lacey, Cora's brother-in-law ············ Jack Rigney
Lottie Lacey, Cora's older sister ············ Edythe Sills
Punky Givens, Flirt's boy friend ············ Charles Briles
SammyGoldenbaum, Punky's friend ············ Marvin Mason


Westchester Playhouse
8301 Hindry Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
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