Past Melodrama:
Kentwood Players presents
On the Bridge at Midnight

On the Bridge at Midnight
by Bruce Brandon
Directed by Joe Sonsini
Assistant Director Vince Sonsini

Choreographed by Gloria Rosen

Produced by Ken Bohard
August 14 – August 30, 1952
at the Barn Theater


Played by
Horatio Wainright, our manly hero ············ John Kimball
Mrs. Wilda Wainright, his aristocratic mother ············ Janet Marcom
Eunice Wainright, her young and innocent daughter ············ Kathy Chastaine
Minerva Courtenay, determined to remain a spinster ············ Jane Labbitt
Halstead, the Wainright butler ············ Carl Thompson
Queenie De Lorme, our persecuted heroine ············ Marjorie Mockett
Gypsy Heather, her faithful young friend ············ Bea Richards
Mrs. Billingsley Billings, a society matron ············ Elsa Pierce
Maybelle Billings, her stammering daughter ············ Gloria Rosen
Dora Horne, in love with Horatio ············ Yvonne Eisenhower
Mervyn Parsons, a deep-dyed villain ············ Joe Sonsini
Jack Frost, who possesses a southern accent ············ Paul Tilt
Joe North, an unexpected arrival ············ Hy Bindman


Westchester Playhouse
8301 Hindry Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
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