Past Drama:
Kentwood Players presents
The Big Knife

The Big Knife
by Clifford Odets
Directed by Bob Mayne
Produced by Doris Brown
November 3 – November 28, 1959
at the Pumphouse Theater


Played by
Russell ············ Dave Mizrahi
Buddy BIiss ············ EIi Glogow
Charlie Castle ············ Chris Roberts
Patty Benedict ············ Elsa Pierce
Marion Castle ············ Urchyl Bohard
Nat Danzinger ············ Herb Gilbert
Marcus Hoff ············ Robert Terry
Smiley Coy ············ Tom Castronova
Connie Bliss ············ Peggy Moore
Hank Teagle ············ Louis Rosen
Dixie Evans ············ Betty Weiss

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