Past Drama:
Kentwood Players presents
Cry Havoc

by Allen R. Kenward
Directed by Vincent Sonsini
Produced by Arky Marcom
May 7 – May 22, 1954
at the Westchester Clubhouse


Played by
Doc Marsh ············ Elsa Pierce
Smitty ············ Elizabeth Thornburgh
Flo Harris ············ Marjorie Mockett
Pat Conlin ············ Nan Space
Grace Lambert ············ Janet Marcom
Helen Domeret ············ Lee Braude
Nydia Joyce ············ Betty Francis
Susan West ············ Betty Ward
Andra West ············ Betty Reddin
Constance Marks ············ Lynn Neuman
Stephany Polden ············ Jill Duncan
Sadie ············ Ethel Sheneman
Native Woman ············ Doris Brown

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