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Our Town

by Thornton Wilder
Directed by Stanley Brown
Produced by Kathy Dershimer
January 11 – February 16, 2019
Produced by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.

Thornton Wilder’s Pulitzer Prize winning classic comes to the Kentwood stage with a dramatic restaging. The residents of the small town of Grover’s Corners remain as universal and timeless as when they first appeared on stage in 1938. Whether this is your first or tenth visit to Our Town don’t miss this special opportunity to experience what has been called “the great American play.”

The Character Breakdown is: Note: Some cast members may be on stage during the entire performance of the play. Cast members should be adept at miming actions. Some will be asked to change wardrobe on stage, move props such as chairs, benches, and ladders during the performance, sit next to and briefly interact with audience members on stage and in the auditorium. Cast members should be comfortable with dialogue and action that may be staged in the audience, in the two auditorium side aisles and in the audience pit. Many members may be asked to play ensemble roles.

Stage Manager
Age and gender open. Must be a good story teller. Heavy dialogue. Must feel comfortable addressing and speaking directly to the audience. Will be on stage for the entire show. Must be physically capable of moving chairs, benches, etc. Plays other characters as well
Emily Webb
Female. Should be able to play suggested ages 16-20. Strong actor. Will be the center of the play’s story line. Should be capable of climbing a few steps on a ladder and delivering lines on the ladder.
Mr. Charles Webb
Male. Should be able to play ages 30-55. Highly educated, is the editor and owner of the local newspaper. Must show a strong fatherly relationship with his daughter, Emily.
Mrs. Myrtle Webb
Female to play wife of Charles Webb, compatible age, strong mother figure. Must be adept with miming action
Wally Webb
Male, should be able to play young, suggested age 11-13.
George Gibbs
Male. Must play the suggested ages of 16-32. He’s at the center of the play’s story line with Emily Webb. A romantic idealist. Must be physically capable of climbing a few steps up a ladder and delivering lines on the ladder.
Dr. Frank Gibbs
Male to play suggested ages 30-55. He is a doctor and a family man. Strong father figure to his son, George. Romantic and in love with his wife,
Mrs. Julia Gibbs
Female, should play suggested ages between 30-55, wife of Frank Gibbs, strong mother of George and Rebecca. Must be good at miming actions re
Rebecca Gibbs
Female to play suggested ages 11-13. She has a strong sense of energy and wonder about the world.
Joe Crowell
gender open. Good with mime, plays young. Mimes delivery of newspapers and sets up the friendliness among the neighbors of the town. Will likely play one or two ensemble roles.
Howie Newsome
gender open. Plays young. Good with mime, leads a horse and wagon while delivering milk bottles. Will play one or two ensemble roles.
Professor Willard
gender open, adult. Academic. Delivers lines about the archeological and anthropological history of Grover’s Corners, new Hampshire.
Simon Stimson
adult, gender open. Leader of the church choir, has an obvious drinking problem. May play one or two ensemble roles.
Constable Warren
gender open, an adult. The town police officer, walks the streets, Will play other ensemble roles.
Mrs. Soames
Female adult, Sings in the choir, a town gossip. Will play one or two ensemble roles.
Ensemble Roles:

Joe Stoddard
older age, a visitor to the graveyard in Act 3
Sam Craig
middle aged – a visitor to the grave yard in Act 3
Lady in the Box
delivers lines from the audience
Woman in Balcony
delivers lines from the audience
Belligerent Man In Auditorium
delivers lines from the audience
Simon Stimson
a male drinker, trying to get his way home.
Baseball Players
a possible mix of male and female
A Woman Among the Dead.
A Man Among the Dead.
Wedding Attendees
The Dead
Farmer McCarthy
no lines.
Watch the Audition page for audition details.

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