Kentwood Players - Board of Directors

In addition to the specific duties of Board members indicated by their titles, management of Kentwood Players is vested in the Board collectively, subject to review and instructions from the Membership.

One of the important decisions of the Board is approval of plays selected by the Plays Committee.

Current Board and Plays Committee Members

  • President Lynn Gutstadt
  • Vice President / Membership Chairperson Kathryn Dershimer
  • Secretary Jenny Boone
  • Treasurer Kim Peterson
  • Box Office Chairperson Gail Bernardi
  • Bulletin Chairperson Shari Barrett
  • Group Sales Chairperson Susan Weisbarth
  • House Manager Marty Feldman
  • Production Manager George Kondreck
  • Programs and Postcards Chairperson Tom Brophey
  • Publicity Chairperson Alison Boole
  • Season Ticket Chairperson Samantha Barrios
  • Technical Manager Bruce Starrett
  • Workshop and Scheduling Chairperson Dylan H. Bailey
  • Plays Committee Chairperson Harold Dershimer
  • Plays Committee Member Jennifer Bailey
  • Plays Committee Member Stanley Brown

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