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Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike

by Christopher Durang
Directed by Susan Stangl
Produced by Myron Klafter and Alison Boole
March 13 – April 18, 2020
VANYA AND SONIA AND MASHA AND SPIKE is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York.

Christopher Durang’s hilarious comedy VANYA AND SONIA AND MASHA AND SPIKE received multiple theatrical honors, including the Tony Award for Best Play in 2013. Set in rural Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Vanya and his adopted sister Sonia live a quiet life in the farmhouse where they grew up and cared for their elderly parents, while mourning their lost dreams and missed opportunities. When their often-wrong, fortune-telling maid warns of impending dangers, and their movie star sister, Masha, arrives unexpectedly with her young, sexy, boy toy, Spike, the family is launched into a rollicking weekend of one-upmanship, exposed nerves, and a lot of broken mugs. With wit and absurdity, the toils and troubles of celebrity, social networking, and age combine into a laugh-out-loud comedy that will tickle your funny bone and stimulate your mind.

There will be a champagne and dessert reception between 7:00-7:30pm for subscribers and members attending the March 14 performance.

The Character Breakdown is:

Kentwood Players is committed to diverse, inclusive casting. All ethnicities, races, and gender identities are encouraged to audition and will be considered for every part. Age ranges are approximate.

50s – More or less resigned to his life, which has revolved around the care of his now-dead elderly parents in the company of his adopted sister, Sonia. He is accustomed to holding his feelings inside and acting as the peacemaker, which makes his tirade toward the end of the play all the more powerful. He is gay, but mostly keeps this to himself.
50s –Vanya’s adopted sister, living with him in Bucks County after caring for their now-deceased parents. A complex character, she is discontented with the way her life has turned out and resentful of her sister Masha, although she ultimately stands up to her and genuinely has fun when she goes to a costume party. Needs to attempt a reasonable Maggie Smith imitation.
50s – Successful aging actress who has had a glamorous life and five husbands. Although she is extremely self-involved, she is insecure about the direction her career has taken and the fact that she is growing older. Still, she is able to re-connect with her humanity and her family in the end. We need to see her vulnerability as well as her “diva” qualities.
20s – Aspiring actor, Masha’s new companion, friendly, flirtatious, sexy and self-absorbed. The age difference between him and Masha needs to feel fairly big. He is trying to get ahead in his career but also genuinely cares for all women, including Masha, and is comfortable with his body as he spends a lot of time in his underwear.
late teens –early 20s – Star struck, enthusiastic, energetic, sincere and earnest, she is visiting relatives in the neighborhood and is genuinely in awe of Masha, although she finds Spike superficial. She becomes a sweet friend to Vanya and Sonia and gets along well with people older than she is. Described in the script as “luminous,” she is the epitome of youth.
any age – a cleaning lady and soothsayer. Needs to be able to make us see the sense of her Greek tragedy style speeches seeing the future. She truly cares for Vanya and Sonia and suspects Masha and Spike of being up to no good. An eccentric character, she is a sincere practitioner of voodoo.
Sides for the characters are available at the following links: VANYA, SONYA, MASHA, SPIKE, NINA, CASSANDRA Watch the Audition page for audition details.

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