Kentwood Players - Coming Soon

by Stephen Belber
Directed by Bruce Starrett
Produced by Jenny Boone
May 11 – June 16, 2018
MATCH is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York.

Mike and Lisa Davis arrive at the apartment of Tobi Powell, who lives alone in Inwood, on the northern tip of Manhattan. They are there to interview him about his life as a dancer and choreographer, but it is soon evident that their agenda is as multilayered as the life story that Tobi begins to tell them. What happens next will either ruin or inspire them—and definitely change their lives forever. Stephen Belber’s Tony-nominated comic drama sparkles with wit and heartfelt emotion as it examines how our lives are shaped by the choices that we make and the secrets that we keep.

There will be a champagne and dessert reception between 7:00-7:30pm for subscribers and members attending the May 12 performance.

The Character Breakdown is:
Tobias “Tobi” Powell
(Early 60’s, any ethnicity) – A young man in his early sixties, Tobi is a wonderfully eclectic mix of femininity and machismo. Charming and charismatic, he relishes the spotlight while he recounts humorous stories of his colorful past as a ballet choreographer, all the while dancing around a powerful secret. Tobi is on stage the entire show and has a large amount of dialogue. Must have a good comedic sense as well as dramatic chops and a compelling stage presence.
Lisa Davis
(Late 30’s, any ethnicity) – A determined woman with an upbeat demeanor and a general brightness to her personality, Lisa has arranged the subterfuge behind this evening’s events in hopes of rescuing her damaged husband and mending her increasingly loveless marriage. Lisa is on stage almost the entire show. Requires a skillful actress to play a strong woman who nevertheless shows her vunerable side as the truth of her life reveals itself.
Mike Davis
(Early 40’s, any ethnicity) – Lisa’s police officer husband, Mike’s demeanor and personality are on the reserved side, if not muted by a life of self-imposed discipline and battle against the world. Secretly afraid he is broken beyond repair by the hand life has dealt him, he has reluctantly come this evening in the desperate hope of finding redemption buried in Tobi’s past. Mike requires a versatile actor to run the gamut from simmering rage and violence, to contrition and sorrow, to hope and even joy, as he faces his fears and surrenders to the truth.
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