Past Production

Book by James Goldman
Lyrics and Music by Stephen Sondheim
Directed by Patricia Manusov
Musical Direction by Doris Mazerov

Choreographed by Derrick DeVaul and Vicki Manusov

Produced by Monty Ash
September 12 – October 25, 1980


Played by
Showgirl ············ Eileen Cipriano
Lori Ann Lambert
Kevin ············ Eric Jensen
Waiter ············ Curtis Bell
Bryan D. F. Henson
Fernando Fabian Lucio
Francesca ············ Kathy Boole
Sally Durant Plummer ············ Pamela Bell
Young Sally ············ Vicki Manusov
Dee Dee West ············ Calia Silvers Mintzer
Emily Whitman ············ Doris Shoumaker
Christine Donovan ············ Marlene Bega
Solange LaFitte ············ Dia Kay
Heidi Schiller ············ Helen Brown
Carlotta Campion ············ Beverly Dvorett
Hattie Walker ············ Helen Geller
Phyllis Rogers Stone ············ Bernyce Green
Ben Stone ············ Jozef Anton
Young Phyllis ············ Pam Smith
Young Ben ············ Kevin Kielas
Buddy Plumber ············ Robert L. Price
Young Buddy ············ Ron Lyons
Dimitri Weissman ············ Paul Mazerov
Roscoe ············ Jonas Rimson
Young Hattie ············ Kathy Boole
Young Christine ············ Eileen Cipriano
Young Dee Dee ············ Lori Ann Lambert
Young Heidi ············ Gail Baker
Margie in "Buddy's Folly" of Loveland ············ Tracy Lore
Sally in "Buddy's Folly" of Loveland ············ Eileen Cipriano
Chorus ············ Michele Miller

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