Past Production
Teahouse of the August Moon

Teahouse of the August Moon
by John Patrick
Directed by Arky Marcom
Produced by Paul Northcott
November 8 – November 30, 1963


Played by
Sakini ············ Taso Tash
Sgt. Gregovitch ············ Paul Northcott
Col. Purdy ············ Jack Rigney
Capt. Fisby ············ Richard Rossomme
Old Woman ············ Marilyn Brotz
Ancient Man ············ Hal Fisher
Mr. Hokaida ············ Larry Michels
Mr. Omura ············ Bill Freeland
Mr. Sumata ············ Tom Turquand
Mr. Seiko ············ Bernard Okamoto
Miss Higa Jiga ············ Jan Marcom
Mr. Oshira ············ Phil Kurokawa
Jack Lyons
Ladies League ············ Marilyn Brotz
Dee Turquand
Lotus Blossom ············ Calia Silvers
Capt. McLean ············ Lou Rosen

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