About Kentwood Players
"LA's Most Professional Amateur Theater Group"*

Kentwood Players, founded by the late Arky and Jan Marcom, Elizabeth Thornberg and Betty Francis, in December 1949, performs out of the Westchester Playhouse, located near LAX. The company actually got its start, and its name, as members of the Kentwood Elementary School PTA in Westchester, motivated by a school play they performed there, decided to keep a good thing going. This small group of talented men and women quickly got their act together, so to speak, and in 1950, this illustrious theatre “family” officially began.

Obviously, they couldn’t stay at an elementary school and looking for a permanent home wasn't easy. At times, the Kentwood "boards" included a barn, a pump house, and a restaurant before 1960, when the players finally found their present location at the corner of 83rd Street and Hindry in Westchester. In the early sixties they transformed an old warehouse into the Westchester Playhouse that now houses a proscenium stage, dressing rooms, costume closets, a scene shop, 112 comfortable seats and a large, welcoming front patio.

Some of KP’s loyal season subscribers have been attending KP shows for decades. The fans enjoy seeing their favorite actors on stage, and through the years have become friends as well as theatergoers. Although not every show of the season will be a personal favorite, most patrons agree that the Kentwood's value can't be beat. Where else can a person see six shows of such high quality at such a low cost? One audience member was overheard saying, "I saw the same play downtown and I liked Kentwood's production better!" Many reviewers over the years have echoed those same comparisons.

KP pulls the best talent from the entire region. Serious actors know the caliber of Kentwood's shows and are proud to list them on their resumes. Some of our actors over the years have gone on to star in television and film. Actors also know that when all 112 seats are filled (and they usually are), 2,000 people will have watched them perform.

Kentwood members meet the third Wednesday of every month, come rain or shine, at 7:30pm. There, they hear from elected officers, debate and vote on measures important to the group, socialize, and enjoy a brief workshop. The support and love among the Kentwood “family” crosses multi generations where life-long friendships (and some marriages) have been fomented. KP is proud of its second- and third-generation members.

Because this is community theatre, all work is done by volunteers. But the dedicated members always take their jobs seriously. They and the Board of Directors handle all aspects of running a little theatre. That's why this nonprofit group can afford to keep their prices low while not skimping on sets and costumes.

Come on down and join in the fun, make some new friends, be part of “L.A.’s most professional amateur theater group.”

Westchester Playhouse is located two blocks west of the San Diego Freeway and two blocks north of Manchester at 8301 Hindry Avenue.

* Christopher Cappiello of AOL City Guide Los Angeles


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