50th anniversary year is over
More Pictures   To borrow the title of an old Frank Sinatra song..."It was a Very Good Year"! In early 1999 the Kentwood Board of Directors determined that, to paraphrase a line from "Death of a Salesman" , "Attention must be paid!" to the anniversary year. It was decided that we would schedule special events to honor the anniversary and wherever possible enhance regular annual events.
More Pictures   Since Kentwood traces its start from December of 1949, we started our anniversary year with an appearance in the Westchester Holiday Parade on December 12th, 1999. The next 12 months (plus a couple weeks) included ... The establishment of this website (thanks to Andy Klute), awards from the city and the county,special displays in the theater lobby, a special expanded annual dinner-dance, multiple appearances in the First Annual Westchester 4th of July parade, special performances in an International Festival, A Grand Reunion Gala of current and former members, and ending up with another appearance in the December 2000 Westchester Holiday Parade.
More Pictures   It would be criminal to mention some who worked so hard during the 50th Year and forget others, so I will say it was a work of love from many members! It is said, "one picture is worth a thousand words". So for your enjoyment what follows are several thousand photo words in tribute to all our wonderful members past and present. There would be no "50" without you!...

Photos by Oz Shobu, Shellee James, Sue Carpenter, Chuck Fisher,
Hal Fisher, Mike Martinez, and others!


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