New Marquee Installed
A crane installs the new marquee.
The new marquee arrives!

Scot Renfro on a ladder in front of new marquee
Many thanks to Scot Renfro for his dedication in getting our new marquee designed and installed today!

Scot wants everyone to know that Rocky Miller worked with him on the layout and design of our new marquee and Vicki Miller was involved in the color selection. Although he could not be there at the sign's installation, Rocky was involved in the project as much as Scot was.
Donors Reception attendees pose in front of new marquee.
Donors Reception held on Saturday, August 2 featuring many of our generous donors at the Founder's Circle and Kentwood Angels levels, all of whom were invited to special pre-show and intermission receptions at that night's "The Lion in Winter" performance. Many thanks to Valerie Ruel who organized this special event.

To show our thanks, several Kentwood Players Board members along with Ed Cotter, director of "The Lion in Winter" were also in attendance.

Founder's Circle Donors
Lili and Jon Bosse
Memory of De Cotter
Memory of Elizabeth Perry Thornburgh Paddock
Lori Marple-Pereslete and Tony Pereslete
Catherine and Red Rahm
Max Heldring Stormes

Kentwood Angels Donors
Bill and Patricia Carter
Jim and Sheridan Crawford
David and Thelma Edberg
Mary Jane McMaster
David A. Pierce
Irene Goss Pritko
Marc and Judy Tillman
Rudi and Dorothea Toepfer
The Weisbarth Family - Susan, Jessica and Andrew
Westchester Women's Club

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