2008 Marcom Masque Awards

Photo by Shari Barrett

Front row, l to r: Larry Jones, Drew Fitzsimmons, Christine Joëlle, Scot Renfro, Karl Schott
Back row, l to r: KP President Gail Bernardi (with Golden Anniversary Award plaque), Michael Cohen,
Maria Cohen, Charlotte Lee Schildkret, Sheldon Metz, Vada Foster, Sheridan Cole Crawford,
Ed Cotter, Shirley Hatton, Susan Goldman Weisbarth, Bruce Schroffel
2008 Marcom Masque Award winners
Actor in a Leading Role:
Actress in a Leading Role:
Actor in a Major Supporting Role:
Actress in a Major Supporting Role:
Actor in a Minor Supporting Role:
Actress in a Minor Supporting Role:
Actor in a Minor Role:
Actress in a Minor Role:
Set Design:
Set Decoration Design:
Lighting Design:
Sound Design:
Original Graphic Design:
Costume Design:
Best Play:

Special Board Awards:

Golden Anniversary Award:
for 50 Years Active Membership
in Kentwood Players

Scot Renfro as Robert in Proof
Shirley Hatton as Mama Rose in Gypsy
Karl Schott as Herbie in Gypsy
Christine Joëlle as Claire in Proof
Drew Fitzsimmons as Tulsa, Georgie in Gypsy
Vada Foster as Durdles in The Mystery of Edwin Drood
Bruce Schroffel as Uncle Jocko, Mr. Kringelein, Phil in Gypsy
Sheridan Cole Crawford as Miss Cratchitt in Gypsy
Sheldon Metz for Proof
Sheldon Metz and Scot Renfro for Proof
Richard Potthoff for Gypsy
Susan Stangl for Gypsy
Michael Cohen for Romantic Comedy
Maria Cohen for Gypsy
Ed Cotter and Larry Jones for Gypsy
Susan Goldman Weisbarth for Gypsy

Charlotte Lee Schildkret and Sheldon Metz

Ed Cotter, Hal Fisher, Calia Mintzer, Michelle Rosen, Charlotte Lee Schildkret


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