Kentwood Players 2001 Awards

"It wasn't a Broadway theater in New York, it was the Proud Bird restaurant in Westchester. However, the excitement was palatable as the Kentwood Players gathered Saturday, June 23rd for their own version of the Tony Awards. A gathering of over a hundred Kentwood Players and their friends and families enjoyed a Black-Tie affair every bit as meaningful as the better known Tonys. Only those who had seen all 6 plays in the 2000-2001 were eligible to vote. When the evening was over the following people proudly took home trophies.... Hal Fisher

Actor in a Leading Role
  Rick Reardon as Max
in Laughter on the 23rd Floor
Actress in a Leading Role
  Margie Bates as Mama
in I Remember Mama
Photos courtesy of Hal Fisher
Actor in a Major Supporting Role
  Dave Parke as Uncle Chris
in I Remember Mama
Actress in a Major Supporting Role
  Mary Steelsmith as Aunt Trina
in I Remember Mama
Actor in a Minor Supporting Role
  Hal Fisher as Mr. Thorkelson
in I Remember Mama
Actress in a Minor Supporting Role
  Norma Northcott-Binmore as Ethel
in Moon Over Buffalo
Actor in a Minor Role
  Chris Roberts as Richard
in Moon Over Buffalo
Actress in a Minor Role
  Kim Ash as The Bag Lady
in Bleacher Bums
Actor in a Cameo Role
  Logan O'Brien as The Kid
in Bleacher Bums
Actress in a Cameo Role
  Calia Mintzer as Florence Dana Morehead
in I Remember Mama
  Philip Brickey
for I Remember Mama
  Arlene Cohen and Lee Polak
for Ten Little Indians
  I Remember Mama
Set Design
  Max Heldring Stormes
for Ten Little Indians
Set Decoration Design
  De Cotter and Max Heldring Stormes
for Moon Over Buffalo
Lighting Design
  Richard Potthoff
for Ten Little Indians
Sound Design
  Kathi Thompson
for Ten Little Indians
Original Graphic Design

Michael Cohen
for Moon Over Buffalo

Costume Design

Maria Cohen
for I Remember Mama

Lobby Design
  (tie) Arlene Cohen
for Ten Little Indians
Kelly Blair and Paul Mazerov
for Bleacher Bums
Special Board Award
  Maria Cohen



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